ZenergiZe Workshops

Whether you’re topping up your regular class or just need a bit of a boost, our workshops are a great way to enhance your health & lifestyle without the need for regular commitments.

ZenergiZe Workshops

Life can be busy, so join us when you can!
Our workshops are a great way to enhance your health and lifestyle without the need for any regular time commitments. You can book onto our workshops when it suits you for example; once a fortnight, once a month, once every two months or simply when you need to “top up on your health and happiness”.

Our clients who come to our weekly classes are also very welcome to enjoy our workshops for that added health boost.

Details of our powerful “Heal Yourself Workshop” can be found below.

We specialize in designing all of our workshops and have a range of Workshops designed for specific results but if you don’t see one that’s the perfect solution for you, please get in touch; we love to hear from you

Heal Yourself Workshop

From surviving to thriving

Do you ever feel that you are affected by negative internal chatter and missing the joy of the now?
75% of the time we live in stress/survival mode anticipating the worse case scenario. Our minds are SO powerful and effect our physical and emotional well-being. This leaves us emotionally and physically exhausted.
This powerful 4 hour workshop gives you the tools to evolve from surviving to thriving.

ZenergiZe Workshops

From workshops weekly classes can be born – either as your time requirements change or by popular demand

At ZenergiZe we have created a series of bespoke workshops designed to achieve specific results. For only £20 our workshops are an excellent investment to welcome you to Zenergize and to improve your health – “health is wealth”

Whether you want to improve your health and fitness in order to improve your sporting performance or help to heal a sports injury, want to align your health & wellbeing or would like an introduction to pilates or mindful movement our workshops are designed to help you to achieve the result you desire.

Every class is your chance to become your most powerful self. Life is marked by moments you’ll never forget. ZenergiZe classes and workshops encompass an energy we believe everyone should experience. Don’t miss your chance to know and enjoy how awesome you are. Please see below for links to further information.

Pilates for Beginners

A 2 hour workshop designed to introduce you to Pilates in a safe & effective way. Learn the key principiles of Pilates so that you can progress into a regular class

Workshops for Teenagers

It is so important for our Teenagers to stay fit and healthy and reduce the stresses of modern day life. Our workshop is designed to help your teen achieve balance & a sense of achievement

Workshops for Cyclists

Pilates Helps Improve Cycling Performance. You can gain a competitive edge through our specially designed Pilates workshops

Workshops for Runners

Runners of all ages and fitness levels benefit from our Runners Recovery and Recharge & Workshops

Mindful Movement

Take your health and well-being to higher levels with relaxing and inspiring music, visuals and a combination of Pilates, Yoga, Therapy Balls and Meditation.

Workshops for Rugby Players

Zenergize Pilates and Workshops are a must for any rugby player wanting to drastically improve performance and reduce injury risk

Workshops forTriathletes

Gain the competitive edge through our Pilates workshops for Triathletes

Happy Hormones

If you have ever felt at the mercy of your hormones or want to give yourself a “health and happiness boost” join us to achieve Happy Hormonal balance.

Workshops for Golfers

Pilates is a full body exercise that works all muscles and is easy on the joints, Golfers of all ages and fitness levels benefit from our Workshops and Classes.

Workshops for Footballers

In the quest for the winning edge, modern footballers benefit from Pilates in both preparation for matches and rehabilitation after injuries.

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